What is expected from a partner of a law firm

Like it or not, today we have to deal with the fact that the market – even the legal one – is made by customers. Customers “demand” efficiency and innovation at lower price levels than they were used to over the past few years. Their need is to cope with heavy budget pressures and, as a result,

Need for professional aggregation: the associated study

The individual professional study “all’Italiana”, characterized by professionals “allologians”, seems to be destined to disappear in the face of “intellectual capitalism”. Information, updating, knowledge and specialization are essential to be competitive, or better to be able to even “survive” in the current economic context. To respond to these customer needs, which requires increasingly efficient responses to their professional,

How to become a lawyer in an international law firm

My experience as a lawyer leads me to advise you to start, as a student, to improve your English. Go abroad to take refresher courses on the subjects you like, get ready to join the great forensic practice studies. These are choices that require great sacrifice but at the same time allow you to grow by giving